Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage Medigation in Weston, FL

Waterline burst above, drop ceiling affecting wall by mens locker.Cut 2 holes in wall outside door and 1 above to provide air movement. In after picture we set ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation and repairs in Tamarac, FL

Visible superficial mold on ceiling and water damaged. Required cut out of affected area 6x6 and further asse remaining ceiling, cut out any affected ceiling tr... READ MORE

Mold Mitigation in Weston, FL

Mold growth throughout affected areas, need to remove baseboard in under window and wall connected to bathroom, cuted on both walls to further assess for possib... READ MORE

Water Damage in Sunrise, Fl

Water heater upstairs apartment burts, causing water to flow down through AC closet area and master closet light fixture, affecting both ceilings and connecting... READ MORE

Storm Damage

Because of Hurricane Irma, on September 10th, our customer Mr. Beryl suffered a water damage because of water and wind intrusion thru his window, baseboards and... READ MORE

Sewage Water Damage in Pembroke Pines, Fl

The Management Company experienced an awful sewage back up water damage situation in an empty condominium in one of their buildings.We were called by the Proper... READ MORE

Sewage Back Up Water Damage

On May we were called by Jonathan, Property Manager for First Service Residential of several buildings of a 55+ senior living community in Pembroke Pines.They e... READ MORE

Fire Soot in Kitchen !

A fire started on the first floor of the house, exactly in the game room of their three kids, batteries started the fire. the wife smelled smoke and firemen wer... READ MORE

Game room in a house fire!

In March a house in Weston, Florida in the very nice community of Savanna a two story house was caught on fire in the middle of a Saturday night. A fire st... READ MORE

Affected house by water damage!

Customer was very satisfied with SERVPRO of Sunrise services on a Sunday afternoon. Water damage in several areas of the house. A big house in Weston, Flor... READ MORE